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Name's Ana,and oh god,I haven't edit this in ages, omfg.
But yeah... Guess I'll just list up some stuff,haha I don't know what to do here, help.


•I'm Brazilian, So english isn't my first language, chances of me writting stuff wrong are big;
•Words can't describe how I am homestuck trash, Like damn, just leave me in my trashcan to die;
•Same with Undertale;
•And South Park;
•I'm basically huge trash in every fandom I'm in, it's like I fucking sold my soul to all of those fandoms or something.
•I Love dragons. Sersiously, I love dragons so much it's not even funny;
•Same with cats. I literally have 7 cats at home;
•My dream-pets are a Gecko,a Snake and a Lizard. In resume I'm a sucker to reptiles;
•I wear glasses and I'm pretty blind without them;
•I have red hair, not ginger-red, literally red,I dye it;
•I draw to many things but I never upload anything, haha;
•That's because I never finish them;
•I watch way too many youtubers, though more than half of them are Brazilian youtubers;
•I may or may not have a problem with shipping;
•I ship too many ships, pls send help;
•I'm able to know lots of things about something I don't even watch/read/play;
•I'm a really good listener,seriously, if anything is bothering you and you want to talk it out, Feel free to come to me,I may not be able to give advice, but if it makes you feel better to talk,I'm all ears;
•I'm Aromantic Asexual, woow;
•If I could, I would wear hoods all the time;
•Sadly I can't, not only because my mom don't let me,but also because I live in Brazil,which is a tropical country;
•Seriously, is so hot here, omg, I really hate heat;
•Someone please save me from this hell,holy shit.
•I kinda curse a lot, sorry not sorry;
•I'm in way too many fandoms to count;
•I have anxiety,pretty bad too;
•I might be addicted to Flight Rising;
•My username there is PsychoAna,Feel free to send a friend request to me in there yo;
•I Literally love TF2,but I only played for a short time before my computer decide he wouldn't let me play it anymore (AKA. Internet was like "Nope" while computer was like "Haha, you wish I would open it,lol" )
•I would totally rock playing as Spy Sometimes Pyro, but moslty Spy.
•That's why those two are my favorites classes in TF2;
•All my favorite characters on everything are my children;
•Literally all of them;
•I'm a huge fan of making them suffering tho. Lol
•If you love them, break them to pieces;
•I dunno what else to put here...
•I'm always up to make friends yo
•I may not post much art,but I'm always around to talk, yeee
•Just please stop asking me to do more Youtuberstuck fanart, like jesus christ, give me a break.

Aromantic stamp by NeoTabu Asexual stamp by NeoTabu Brazilian Stamp by helder Brazilian Portuguese Stamp by catpie Too many things -stamp- by Shantella Witch of Space by SkaianAngel Prospit Dreamer 2.0 by SkaianAngel Team Fortress 2 Stamp by ADDOriN FNAF stamp by pastel--colors go on, do it. by mivou

Journal History



My computer just fucking eXPLODED.
Well, not really, but It literally stopped working,so now I have to use my mom's Notebook,and I can't draw shit or play Undertale or do ANYTHING anymore.
And i'm really mad because I really wanted to fill my own "Undertale meme" but this notebook doesn't have Paint Tool SAI and I can't draw that whole meme on MS Paint and it's possible I won't have my actual computer for a long time and i'm so mAAAAD. AAARGH. ;-;
Undertale (Blank version) meme by Psycho-CandyAddicted
Undertale (Blank version) meme
Yup. told you guys I would do another one of those. And there it is. :'D
Bigger than my last one tho, I could probably do a meme with 30+ questions, but I kept myself from doing it. :v

1. You don't have to ask permission,but please,credit me in the description,also,it would be nice if you credit the creator of the game; 
2. I suggest downloading the image to do it. It's MS Paint friendly, no worries!
3. If you do this,PLEASE. send me a link, or at least mention me in your finished work,so I can see it! I'm really curious about your answers!
4. Link this blank meme in the description,so others can see it too would be nice!
5. Still new at this whole type of meme thing,sorry if the questions aren't that good :'I
6. Take your time in answering, and it doesn't matter if you don't color it! The important thing is to have fun drawing c: Or, of course, you could just answer the questions with text! Either way,I would love to see it!
8. If the boxes are small for you,you can always grab your pen/brush tool and color dropper to edit them bigger :3

Well...that's all :'D Who knows, maybe I'll fill it myself in the future. c': but for now, anyone is free to do it! Also, PLEASE point out if you see any english mistake in any of the questions! I'll make sure to fix it!
Hope you guys like it, and remember to have fun~

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Pom Gets Wi-fi Meme (Blank) -UPD8 VERSION- by Psycho-CandyAddicted
Pom Gets Wi-fi Meme (Blank) -UPD8 VERSION-
When I first did this meme, my english was rather bad, so it had some english mistakes here and there...SO, I finally got myself to update it. And boy, I must say I also miss doing stuff like those. Haha, I might do another meme like this in the future! :v
BUT ANYWAY. The questions are basically the same. Just fixed most stuff and changed a lil bit of how they were, but other than that, is still the same. PLEASE, Feel free to point out any remaining mistakes on it.
Welp, that's all. Hope people like it. C:

I did it.
I wanted a meme from the game Pom gets Wi-fi,but Since I didn't found any,I made one myself XD
It's My first meme ever,so sorry if it sucks D: also,is nice to remember that english isn't my first language,so,sorry if there's any english mistakes. D:<

1. You don't have to ask permission,but please,credit Me in the description,also,it would be nice if you credit the creator of the game;
2. I suggest downloading the image to do it. It's MS Paint friendly, no worries!
3. If you do this,PLEASE. send a link to me with your finished work,so I can see it! I did it because I wanted to see what others Pom Fans would answer ;u;
4.Link this blank meme in the description,so others can see it too;
5. Like I already say, This is my first time to make a meme, so I'm sorry if it looks ugly or if the questions suck; D:
6. I don't think is that long..I already saw memes with +20 questions,so... X3
7. Take your time in answering, and it doesn't matter if you don't color it! The important thing is to have fun drawing :D
8. If the boxes are small for you,you can always grab your pen/brush tool and color dropper to edit them bigger :3

I'm pretty sure that even I would fill this <33
Hope you guys like it~

Pom gets Wi-fi (c) Me-Patra (
Random Themed MLP Adopts - CLOSED by Psycho-CandyAddicted
Random Themed MLP Adopts - CLOSED
The "random themes" are actually just Undertale and Pokemon, but shh.
SO YEAH, Like I promised, some more MLP adopts because yes. 
Also, if you guys have seen my WIP from this batch, you may notice my Mettaton pony is WAY different than that one, haha, yeah...that's because I just COULDN'T Sell him. He was too perf. :'I so im keeping him and making him a "ponified version" of Mettaton. But if you guys want to know how he end up looking like, feel free to check him HERE
So yeah, I kept that one to myself, so I did another mettaton themed pony based more on Mettaton himself, not his's complicated. But the result is the one in the image. c':

BUT ANYWAY, like any adoptable of mine, there are some simple rules, as always:

:bulletpink: Do not resell those designs or anything like that! If you end up not wanting the adopt anymore, please contact me so I can have it back to myself. You won't receive your points back tho.
:bulletpink: Please credit me for their designs the first time you use them, after that, credit is an option.
:bulletpink: even if you don't credit me after some time, I still would LOVE to see any type of fanart you do with ANY of them! So, please mention or link me! I would love to see it!! :3
:bulletpink: You are free to change a LITTLE bit of the design. An extra acessory, a different mane style, but not the colors and anything that would make a completely different design.
:bulletpink: You don't need to follow the theme they are inspired after if making them into a more detailed character~ 
:bulletpink: You are free to change their species and/or gender, but I personally would liek if you kept those like they are c':
:bulletpink: NO HOLDING OR ART TRADES. Sorry guys,I quite need the points..  and hold always gimme some problems so... yeah..
:bulletpink: NOT REALLY FIRST TO COME,FIRST TO GET! Have in mind I see the messages in my message box,meaning I may not see your comment first,and I'M SORRY if I don't; 
:bulletpink: Have in mind that I DON'T SEE if you reply on your own comment,so,if you comment something without the "special word",and then reply to your own comment,I'm not going to see it! Do a new comment,It isn't my fault if in this middle time,someone else asks for the adopt you want!
:bulletpink: ASK FIRST to adopt one,after I confirm that you can have the adopt,send the points and the adopt is yours. After I confirm,you have two days to send the points,or the adopt will be open to someone else again; 
:bulletpink: Type 'OH YES' In the comments,if you plaining to adopt one,so I will know you read the rules. 

1- Undertale - Asriel Themed pony (CLOSED)
Gender: Male
Species: Earth pony/goat hybrid (Half-goat part is optional. You are free to make him a full earth pony if you want.)
Special details:
- Rarely seen without his sweater;
- Big floppy fluffy ears;
- You are free to change his age to a Colt if you wish.
Price: 50 :points:
Owner: :iconjetnset:

2- Undertale - Napstablook Themed Pony (CLOSED)
Gender: Male?? Female?? Neither?? No one is sure. (Uses she/her - he/his - they/them pronouns)
Species: Pegasus 
Special Details:
- Are they dead? Do they perhaps just have odd eyes? No one knows. (This part is free for you to decide.)
- End up crying even without a warning or reason. Literally no reason. They can be totally fine and with an emotionless face and they end up crying)
- Even if they are Napstablook themed, their tears can't really make hats or anything. Just normal tears.
Price: 50 :points:
Owner: :iconsilvergrimoire:

3- Undertale - Mettaton EX Themed Pony (CLOSED)
Gender: Male (Owner can also make him a trans FtM pony if they wish,since is a very common Human!Mettaton headcanon)
Species: Earth Pony
Special Details: 
- Dye part of his mane pink, Naturally, it's all black.
- Mane covers left eye. 
- Have piercings; two on both his ears, one on his tongue and one on his right eyebrow.
- Yes. He have visible eyebrows.
- Is basically never without a pair of fabulous clothes.
- The heart-shaped mark under his right eye is a birth mark.
- Wears make-up and you can be sure his eyeliner game is ON POINT. Dat Bishounen eyes.
Price: 90 :points: (sorry, I love him, haha c': )
Owner: :iconsilvergrimoire:

4- Pokemon - Volcarona Themed (CLOSED)
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Special Details:
- Different shaped wing feathers; Born like this.
- Also have a different type of ears.
- Fluff on chest.
- Wears the red thing on their head/mane, it works kinda like a crown? idk.
Price: 60 :points:
Owner: :iconpaige-the-unicorn: 

5- Pokemon - Houndour Themed (CLOSED)
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Special Details: 
- Wears a skull on her head/mane and bones on her back/legs.
- Sharp teeth.
- Probably short-tempered
Price: 50 :points:
Owner: :iconitachilover1of10:

6- Pokemon - Sawsbuck Winter Themed (CLOSED)

Gender: Male
Species: Deer/Pony Hybrid (???) ( Owner can make him a full deer if they wish.) 
Special Details:
- Despite being themed after Sawsbuck, his appearance doesn't change with the seasons;
- Antlers can re-grow if anything happen with them.
- He's really fluffy.
- Srlsy. He's so fluffy that he probably have to deal with people trying to pet him and stay near him due to all his fluffness.
Price: 80 :points: (again, I love him. haha :'D )
Owner: :iconitachilover1of10:

Credit time~ 

Undetale (c) Toby Fox
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
All bases used (c) :iconselenaede: (some have been slighly edited by me)
Adoptables desing (c) :iconpsycho-candyaddicted:

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1,895 / 6,000
You can send the points of an adoptable you bought from me here,if you want to. :meow:
or just donate anything to me if you feel like it! <3 I would really appreciate that :la:

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ArsonistAllison Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, quick q. Did you make your icon or was it commissioned? It looks really good.
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Student General Artist
it was part of a batch of free icons! you can find the one i'm using and some more here:…
there is also some more in the creator's description.
NekoAlex1991 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm sorry for begin annoying but for make art of dat version of tails doll i need to ask a anaXHedgecat for the permision
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Student General Artist
oh! nono,you don't get it...I'M AnaXhedgecat. It was my old username! I changed have a pretty long time. The question has to go to the actual owner of that pony.
BUT, I've checked, and I'm afraid the owner deactivated their account...And that image is also pretty old. Most of the people who adopted any of the ponies there aren't around DA that much. I'm afraid I'll have to delete that image, actually...
I'm afraid you won't be able to do fanart of them...It would be unfair to give you permission to make something to someone who isn't even around DA anymore, I'm sorry... :(
NekoAlex1991 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
And i have art for dat versión of td but i called tails doll 86 i only want the prmision for submit the art i have
NekoAlex1991 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
well i try,but thanks ,i have so many ideas for dat version but.... well thanks anyway
CandieAndFriends Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Student General Artist
    Its nice to see someone in the Fandom/YouTuberStuck fandom : ) Course you should stay in it for your sake, if you don't want to do it then don't
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Student General Artist
heh, thanks~ And don't worry, I'm taking things slow and going at my own speed with Youtuberstuck :3 I'm "back" to this fandom, to be honest, i'm just taking my time on anything related to it~ 
oh, i actually want to say this, are you able to do request actually again? i dont care how long it takes im just wondering :P
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Student General Artist
Eeeh, i'm not would depend on what the request is, honestly... I've been trying to focus on some stuff so, yeah. It really would depend. :v
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