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Name's Ana,and oh god,I haven't edit this in ages, omfg.
But yeah... Guess I'll just list up some stuff,haha I don't know what to do here, help.


•I'm Brazilian, So english isn't my first language, chances of me writting stuff wrong are big;
•Words can't describe how I am homestuck trash, Like damn, just leave me in my trashcan to die;
•Same with Undertale;
•And South Park;
•I'm basically huge trash in every fandom I'm in, it's like I fucking sold my soul to all of those fandoms or something.
•I Love dragons. Sersiously, I love dragons so much it's not even funny;
•Same with cats. I literally have 7 cats at home;
•My dream-pets are a Gecko,a Snake and a Lizard. In resume I'm a sucker to reptiles;
•I wear glasses and I'm pretty blind without them;
•I have red hair, not ginger-red, literally red,I dye it;
•I draw to many things but I never upload anything, haha;
•That's because I never finish them;
•I watch way too many youtubers, though more than half of them are Brazilian youtubers;
•I may or may not have a problem with shipping;
•I ship too many ships, pls send help;
•I'm able to know lots of things about something I don't even watch/read/play;
•I'm a really good listener,seriously, if anything is bothering you and you want to talk it out, Feel free to come to me,I may not be able to give advice, but if it makes you feel better to talk,I'm all ears;
•I'm Aromantic Asexual, woow;
•If I could, I would wear hoods all the time;
•Sadly I can't, not only because my mom don't let me,but also because I live in Brazil,which is a tropical country;
•Seriously, is so hot here, omg, I really hate heat;
•Someone please save me from this hell,holy shit.
•I kinda curse a lot, sorry not sorry;
•I'm in way too many fandoms to count;
•I have anxiety,pretty bad too;
•I might be addicted to Flight Rising;
•My username there is PsychoAna,Feel free to send a friend request to me in there yo;
•I Literally love TF2,but I only played for a short time before my computer decide he wouldn't let me play it anymore (AKA. Internet was like "Nope" while computer was like "Haha, you wish I would open it,lol" )
•I would totally rock playing as Spy Sometimes Pyro, but moslty Spy.
•That's why those two are my favorites classes in TF2;
•All my favorite characters on everything are my children;
•Literally all of them;
•I'm a huge fan of making them suffering tho. Lol
•If you love them, break them to pieces;
•I dunno what else to put here...
•I'm always up to make friends yo
•I may not post much art,but I'm always around to talk, yeee
•Just please stop asking me to do more Youtuberstuck fanart, like jesus christ, give me a break.

Aromantic stamp by NeoTabu Asexual stamp by NeoTabu Brazilian Stamp by helder Brazilian Portuguese Stamp by catpie Too many things -stamp- by Shantella Witch of Space by SkaianAngel Prospit Dreamer 2.0 by SkaianAngel Team Fortress 2 Stamp by ADDOriN FNAF stamp by pastel--colors Oh, i know lots of things by PyoonKotaro

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Having a Bad time by Psycho-CandyAddicted
Having a Bad time
Help, I've fallen into Undertale hell, and I haven't even played this game or watched full gameplays.
But I know I already have my children in there.
SO YEAH... Sans battle in the genocide run huh? Haha...I know I would have a hella bad time if I played it I seriously love this character so much,is not even funny.

Drawing (c) :iconpsycho-candyaddicted:
Undertale and Sans (c) Toby Fox I guess? Someone correct me if i'm wrong pls
Leaders Reunion by Psycho-CandyAddicted
Leaders Reunion
Eris: It sure is a pleasure talk with you again Eclipse, I hope things are going well in your clan.
Eclipse: Oh it sure is a pleasure! Things are going amazing, the clan is slowly growing everyday! Sure is awesome having so many new dragons around.
Eris: Ah yesh, I know what you mean...So many dragons from so many places all together on the same clan...It's an amazing feeling. But tell me now, how are things going with your little Andie? 
Eclipse: Haha, We've been perfectly fine! He is an awesome mate...
Eris: I never got this whole "Mate" thing, I rather take care of the clan by myself, but okay...You and Little Andie make a perfect couple!
Eclipse: Thank you Er-
Eris: Oh, sorry friend,I didn't see you there.
Andesite: What's that suppose to mean?!
Eclipse: Andesite darling, please...
Eris: It's mean nothing dear, It's not you, A lot of dragons are tiny compared to me...nothing to be ashamed of.
Eris: Please tell me he is aware he is the tiniest of the species, dear.
Eclipse: I'm pretty sure he is...
Eris:  I've seen hatchlings bigger than him.
Andesite: STOP IT!!

Yeah,I am still around, I just don't have time to make art and stuff not to mention a quite big art block but I'm always around to talk and stuff. 

BUT YEAH. Some art. haha... :'D
My and :icontechnokitsune: clan leaders on Flight Rising, Eclispe and Andesite are the Tundra and the little Fae on the corner, while Eris is my Guardian OuO
Eris rule the clan alone, since she doesn't really see WHY would she have a mate or a Hatchling of her own (AKA. She is Aromantic - Asexual.) She might had hatchlings on the past, but not anymore.  After all, why would she have hatchlings if all the dragons on the clan are he child?! Geez.
Eclipse and Andesite are mates, so they sure rule the clan together, Their and Eris clan are allies and good friends with each other, and altough Eris and Eclispe are good friends, Eris just LOVES to point out how tiny Andesite is... :'D
I'm honestly not happy with Eris neck/Belly things...It was 2 am when I did them,and I was really tired, and I didn't bother to change them later :u
But yeah, nothing much to say I guess...
Hope you guys like it :'D

Credit time!

Tundra,Fae and Guardian dragons © Flight Rising
Andesite and Eclipse 
© :icontechnokitsune:
Eris and Art 
© :iconpsycho-candyaddicted:

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cole1229 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello how are you doing? and do you want to be my watcher?
PrincessStarwberry Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I haven't talked to you in forever how have you been?
PrincessStarwberry Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I haven't talked to you in forever how have you been?
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Student General Artist
It sure has been a long time! I'm doing alright,how about you? :3
PrincessStarwberry Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm fine! What have you been up too?
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Student General Artist
nothing much...watching some videos...drawing some stuff...trying to focus on school...what about you?
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roro-the-foxie-615 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
You have been visited by the loser of good luck.

This loser wishes you a good day/night and hopes for you to enjoy Starfall Celebration in FR.

Have a good day.

Da faq did I just write?
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Well, I got two glimmer babies on FR and a circuit one that is hella adorable, so i guess the lucky arrived :v Srlsy. They were so cute. </3 cute little tundras. already sold both Glimmer babies and now I have the Circuit one left c':

Aaah yes...the Starfall Celebration...The Arcane festival..
memories of my first good 3 days in Arcane before jumping to Wind (? :'D

You wrote art.
roro-the-foxie-615 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ahhhh, the breedings...I still kept my Circuit and Glimmer siblings :'D Even tho I REALLY need lair space but meh, I'll be giving away some dergs in the next registration window :3 Seriously, I'm selling everything I have for GEMS...I have a problem coz I have 100+ in 3 days...

Thank God the next lightning festival is waaayyy later...had horrible memories there in my old account iT'S NO FUN THERE D':

Blame Reddidt and tumblr for this one then B'D
Psycho-CandyAddicted Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student General Artist
I sold them 'cause...first ones I guess. XD Their parent are a Tundra and Fae so, 15 days breeding cooldown. :B And I want to save space lair too soooo...Need 295k to expand and I only have 125584 treasure. well shit. I would love to give some dragons next time a registration window open but...I love all my dragons so much, omfg. ;A; I can't chose some to give away </3 It's sooo hard. The fact that 45% of my lair is Fandom-dragons, 20% are dragons with mates (So I can't just separate them) and the rest too beautiful makes it almost impossible </3 (For example, I recently had a coatl batch from one of my pairs, they gave me three hatchlings and two of them were SO ADORABLE. like, omg. Just check them if you haven't. They are in my second page, Enyr and Ryne. They are basically twins,I already have their history/personalities on mind, and I love them very much <33 ) I mostly sell my stuff for treasure...I feel like I use treasure WAY more than gems..Ok, I only have 38 gems now, but i'm okay (? :'D I need to expand lair and I can only do it with treasure sooo...

Storm-papa is too restrict. :'I he just wants his child to work more and more (? :'U Windpapa is cool with everything. :'D let us move,run and fly away since the 'main' thing in the Wind Flight is freedom :B
Sadly, the Wind festival now will only be next year >: A good thing about the festivals, is also the fact that the flight in question wins dominance. woop woop, discount on marketplace/lair expansions.
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